shift 2020 provides your company with research and strategic insight, on how technology can create profitable, sustainable, growth.


Keynote Presentations

Rudy De Waele has an extensive track record of delivering a wide spectrum of Keynote Presentations globally, which specify the edges of innovation. He provides acute market sector insight, and can ascertain in which direction technology is heading in any business or ecosystem. View some of his presentations and videos.


Company Workshops

shift 2020 offers brainstorms and workshops on integrating the latest innovation technology innovation into your company, and shows you how to connect to startup and entrepreneur ecosystems valuable to your sector. Take a look at our IoT Transformation Lab series and see what you can learn in a shift 2020 workshop weekend.


Specialised Industry Reports

shift 2020 produces customised reports, researching specific topics in your area of interest. We research specific sectors, products, markets, competitors, opportunities and will guide you on best strategies for your company.


Content Curation

shift 2020 always looks for the most innovative companies and has an extensive speaker network of technology thought leaders in all sectors. Contact us to create bespoke international content for your event on the hottest topics of the moment.



shift 2020 has decades of experience of consulting on digital transformation for some of the biggest brands in the industry. Check our client case studies to see what we can do for you.


Event Production

shift 2020 produces some of the recognised events in the industry, from Mobile Sunday and IoT Stars during the Mobile World Congress to Innovation Labs and conferences on specific industry topics; such as Internet of Things or Wearable Technology.

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